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Karundi Williams Headshot Quote People Power

Karundi Williams is a visionary leader. Energetic, joyful, and brimming with ideas, she brings a sense of possibility and excitement to movement work that inspires everyone who meets her. She is the Executive Director of re:power, a national training and capacity-building organization seeking to build a critical mass of social justice movements and their leaders who embody the ideology and practice of liberatory organizing, an organizing practice that is pro-Black and grounded in community, collective action, and abundance.

To this vision, Karundi brings a strategic savvy and a depth of knowledge gained from over two decades in local government, the labor movement, and the progressive ecosystem. Join us in this Spotlight feature as we delve into Karundi’s journey, learning insights about her experiences and dreams for collective liberation.

Where does your motivation come from? What inspired you to be in this work?

Background And Inspiration Kw

What is it like being a mother as an Executive Director?


What is your dream for the world?


What does the movement need right now? How is re:power responding to it?

Reorientation Collective Liberation Kw
Liberatory Organizing

What is a phrase you turn to when you are facing a challenge?

Leadership Mantra

How is Karundi connected to People Power?

Our team at People Power has had the joy and honor of working to support Karundi and her team at re:power since the very early stages of her leadership as Executive Director – we’ve supported the hiring of several director roles as well as two executive team positions. Through her, we have witnessed what is possible when visionary Black women move into power and are able to build a team that has the capacity to execute a pro-Black strategy; re:power has transformed, growing its staff, sharpening its strategy, and boldly embraced a kind of authenticity that is an inspiration just to be around.

“People Power understood me as a Black woman running an organization and I was able to share my struggles,” commented Karundi when recalling her experience working with People Power.

We are proud to work with leaders like Karundi and organizations like re:power. We invite you to learn more about their work below.